So here we are, Diane, your first blog on your new and fabulous (thanks, Kristy Sproul!!!) web site. And what are you going to say?

The previous two sentences are examples of me talking to myself, which I do often. As do you, admit it. And no, we are not crazy, we have not invented mysterious “friends” we mutter to and which makes people passing us by cross the street or look away in fear or disgust. We simply talk to the one person who needs to hear what we have to say, and that person is ourselves, right?

I don’t know about you, but my head spins pretty much all day with ideas, worries, theories, reminders and so on. Poor brain, so much data, so little time to organize it for optimum usefulness. The solution? Say it out loud. Verbalize it. Get it out of our head and into the universe, where it belongs. And where some of it might stick and be useful. Right? Thus we talk to ourselves.

So back to: this is my first blog post and I have successfully avoided coming up with a topic. Yay me. Mind you, there will be many more of these and most of them will have a topic, perhaps even an Important Topic. But for today, let me just say that the reason I have this new web site is because (1) while I have been in show business for years and years (and yes, years), and (2) while I have earned a decent living in show business (only 5% of SAG members can say that, so boy, am I lucky), and (3) while I have toiled happily in anonymity for many years, circumstances have changed that. I now have people who want my autograph! Seriously. I have met them at Comic Cons, I have answered letters, I have done podcasts and interviews, I have done private signings for all kinds of folks I didn’t know were out there. I have a “fan base,” which is weird to me but, yes, okay, not unpleasant.

I have this web site to let you in on who I am and what I have done, if that doesn’t sound too self-centered. It’s been a roller-coaster of a life, both in show biz and out, and you may find something that is of interest here. Oh, and please do sign up for my list of people who want to be notified of appearances, an occasional newsletter, maybe a recipe or two. Important Topics. General stuff. Yes? Good.

I send you thanks and love.