Shall I do a Covid blog? Sure, everyone else has. And here’s my truth: I have no Covid story because I have never gotten it. (Oh dear, now I am squeezing my eyes shut and hoping that I haven’t jinxed myself by writing this down.) Let me put it this way: as of this writing, I have never gotten it. Who knows what will happen between writing and posting? (I am now trying to appease the gods, probably with no luck at all)

I have been thinking I may be one of those so-called Super Covid Dodgers. Neither I nor my son nor my daughter have gotten it and we are almost embarrassed about it. At least 90% of my acquaintances have been stricken, some multiple times.

You might assume I’ve been really careful about Covid safety and I sure was the first year, but it sure ain’t easy to be a guest at a Comic Con where you come in contact with hundreds, even thousands, of mostly-unmasked folks. They come to my table for autographs and selfies with me. I fist bump but do not shake hands and rarely hug. But I have to walk through dense crowds to make my way to the rest room or the green room to get lunch and sit for a while away from the chaos on the floor.

At first, at the Cons, I was diligent about mask-wearing but as time has gone on not so much. In fact, over the past couple of years, I have been lax and have returned from every Con sure I had to have been infected. Tested daily, twice with the one that’s always accurate that takes a day to get the results. But nope. Never.

Am I foolish? You betcha….and I know it. I am over 65 and although I’m in excellent health, what are the odds? All my other friends of a certain age are horrified for me. And I have no excuse except, well… Okay,  none really. Mind you, I believe in science, I am thoroughly boostered (boosted?) but, there it is. I have Covid fatigue, I simply can’t wear the masks anymore.

With one exception. From the minute I walk into a airport in my city until I leave the airport of the destination city, I mask up. Why have I chosen to be careful only then? Sitting next to and near others for several hours, I guess. Or my mind has gone haywire. Or, well, nothing I can come up with. So, that’s my truth and it might not make sense but then I am, if nothing else, an imperfect human being. I mean, really imperfect. Stay tuned.